Bejeweled Blitz Tips

tips for bejeweled blitz

Having been a noob at one point myself, I know that it can be tough to find strategies that actually work. Today, I want to give you two tips that will boost your Bejeweled scores right away. The first is pretty well known, but if you’re new to the game this one trick is the first building block to rocketing your scores up the leaderboard.

Bejeweled Blitz Tips

Tip #1: The Elite Technique

The elite technique is one of the biggest shifts in thinking that will take you from newbie to advanced player almost immediately. Where a new player will just try to move gems that match and hope they fit, a player who knows this trick will make double or triple the number of special gems per game round. The key is to illegally move a gem first, then to move two gems into place before the illegal move corrects itself. It sounds complicated, I know – it is much easier to see it done so check out the video. (PS you might want to turn your volume down, the music is loud.) I didn’t make the video, nor do I take credit for the technique. It was one of the only things I found that actually worked when I went looking for information as a new player.

Tip #2: Overclocking

This is a tactic I came up with on my own, although I borrowed it from speed reading community. When you are learning to speed read, you start by measuring how fast your normal reading speed is by reading at your normal rate for one minute. Then you start scanning pages as fast as you possibly can for one minute, even though you think you’re not really able to “read” them that fast. Finally you go back and read at a “normal” rate again, and you realize that you now read 50-200% faster, just because your sense of time has been changed. If you have never done this before, I’m sure you’re skeptical – try it, it works. Anyway, you can use this same trick for Bejeweled. You don’t need to time yourself – you’ve already been doing that with your normal play. Instead, spend the next 3-5 game rounds just matching gems as fast as you possibly can. Don’t worry about what happens as gems fall, or think about your score, or consider what special gems you can make – just match gems. Now, go back to your “normal” speed. You’ll notice that your normal speed is considerably faster than before. And if you feel yourself slowing down at any point in time, just repeat the 3-5 overclocking rounds and you’ll get right back to full speed.

Bejeweled Blitz High Score Guide

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