Reading Lists

I read quite a bit.  Not always books, mind you, but also blogs, newsletters, magazines, and the like.  Also, I love audiobooks as they let me multitask more efficiently.

Having been inspired by other reading lists and people’s goals of “read 1 book a week for a year,” I decided I would keep track of exactly what I read, and therefore, how many books I read as well.

If one person uses this to find something interesting, well, that much better for the effort.


January 2013 (7 books)

February 2013 (4 books + 1 honorable mention)

March 2013 (3 or 5 books, depending how you count)

April 2013 (6 books)

May 2013 (6 books)

June 2013 (5 books)

July 2013 (10 books)

August 2013 (10 books)

September 2013 (11 books)

October 2013 (9 books)

November 2013 (10 books)

December 2013 (14 books)