Update for July 2017

There are no books to list this month. For the first time since I started tracking, way back in 2013, I didn’t finish any books for a whole month.

Mostly, this was planned. I made a big push last month to catch up, knowing that I wanted to spend more time writing this month. Unfortunately, what I did read was scattered, so I finished nothing at all.

I also spent a lot of my free time on YouTube this month, paring down my “watch later” playlist. Funny how big that thing gets when you just save everything for later. Huh.

So, instead of the usual I thought I would give an overview of what I’m up to.

I published 2 new books last month. That’s not as impressive as it seems. They’re bundled versions of previous work, with a bit of editing and new covers. They’ve sold pretty well, so I’m not complaining. Certainly an uptick versus the non-bundled versions.

In addition to that, I did almost meet my word count monthly quota for the first time in 4 months. I wanted to write 1 MILLION words this year, so my spreadsheet tells me to get something like 84 thousand every month (it depends on number of days). I’m bad at meeting a daily word count, but I am ahead of where I need to be for the year so far. I’ve always been a sprinter, so I have huge months and sparse months. I kind of envy those people who just write every day to hit their goals and stop, but that’s just not who I am.

I have many books that are almost done. That sounds ridiculous – I know, but it’s true. I have so much first draft material that needs to be edited and shaped into real books. I have not been great at that lately, but it is what it is.

Here are some tips for anyone looking to publish successfully:
1 – Figure out what success means to you before you publish anything.
2 – If you want to make money, realize that you need to drive sales yourself.
3 – If you want to make consistent money, know that you need way more than one book.

Honestly, just knowing those three will put you miles ahead of everyone. I’ve read so many unhappy Tweets and Facebook posts by writers who are way more talented than me, lamenting how their book isn’t selling and the world isn’t fawning over their genius. Maybe that’s true for some of them, but mostly they expected to push a button and become rich. It’s not realistic. There are exceptions, sure, but there are also lottery winners – you can’t plan on that type of thing.

I wish you good luck, should you choose to publish something.